Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to EMM (Extreme Metal Musician)

Welcome to the latest bit of clutter to bog down the Internet, the Extreme Metal Musician blog.  Please pardon the "default" appearance, but frankly I'm far more interested in offering content that will appeal to the pretty-clearly-stated target audience for this blog, which is of course extreme metal musicians.  There are certainly many discussion forums featuring reviews of metal albums, musical equipment and virtually every aspect of extreme metal, but my intention is to dig into some of the "signature" albums that have defined extreme metal over the years, go over the finer points of the various pieces of gear that made those albums sound the way they did, and (when possible) offer pointers on how to get the same results with what is currently available.  I hope to keep a 50/50 balance of old and new albums and gear, and will make every possible attempt to shed some light on unsigned bands, under-the-radar equipment manufacturers and people in the industry who have special insight into any number of aspects of extreme metal.

Over the coming days and weeks, I will be shuffling things around a bit, but the first priority will be the reviews!  The first gear review will be of the Carvin V3M Micro Series tube amp.  I'm still narrowing down what album review(s) will be first, simply because there have been so many great releases recently.  And as stated previously, I'll also be covering some older albums that may have been overlooked the first time around.

- Inazone

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